Chimney Sweepers


As the name indicates, chimney sweeper is a person who cleans the soot and ash stuck in the chimneys. The importance of cleaning the chimneys was evident even in the Georgian time of the history because the continuous deposition of ash and soot on the inner lining of chimneys can be very dangerous leading to accumulation of dangerous gases hazardous for health. The deposited material may also catch fire which will set the chimney and associated building on fire. That’s why, nobody can deny the importance of cleaning the chimneys and thus, chimney sweepers.

In early ages such as in 17th century, chimney sweepers were mostly young boys. Young chimney sweepers Seattle were apprentices and were forced to work at the age of as early as seven years. It was even considered legal to capture homeless, vagrant children and make them work brutally. The majority of chimney sweeper boys were orphans. There were also the boys who were sold into the business by their families. They experienced harsh conditions or precisely cruel. Young chimney sweepers were used to sleeping in basements on soot bags which were seldom washed. This year of gathered grime and soot was a source of producing testicles cancer. It was a very dangerous job for these children to do because there was no protection of respirators and safety clothing provided to them. History had recorded sad instances when these young chimney sweepers were chocked and gagged to death due to inhalation of dust.

After a long struggle, Parliament finally passes a bill. This act brought the involvement of young boys in cleaning the chimneys to an end. By this time, engineers were trying to invent a device to clean the chimneys from ash and soot. An engineer from the 18th century named Joseph Glass is considered to be the first man who designed a device for chimney cleaning. A modern variation of his inventions are still used today. The use of gas and electricity came into the picture in 1960’s and this modern fuel replaced the use of fireplaces and coal as a primary source of heating. This change in use of fuel type previsioned the role of a chimney sweep. However, the prices of fossil fuels rose radically in 1970’s due to which people started using and burning wood back again to avoid the costly fossil fuel. Now the fireplaces and chimneys were left unused for a long time without any proper and suitable cleaning and care. When they started using chimneys back again, the blocked chimneys caused house fires and carbon mono oxide poisonings. Such incidents became very common and usual. In such a time, chimney sweepers Seattle came into action to provide proper provisions for the passage of dangerous gases from the chimneys.

In the modern age, chimney sweep Seattle, masonry repair and chimney repair are considered as well reputed and well-respected professions as they preserve the safe and sound operation of fireplaces, heating systems, chimneys and stoves of all kinds. Today we have international organisations such as NCSG and CSIA members of which have very high educational and moral values of enactment.



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