Essential equipment present in the bread machine


The home based bread machines are specially designed to make the bread and bread-type items. It has following parts that can process in the better way to produce healthy breakfast meal.

The inner pan

The inside view shows the pan and the axle. The pan is a dual purpose that is helpful in kneading and mixing of the dough and then for the baking purpose. The mixing is at bottom of container and goes round and round at four positions while kneading is done in an inner container at 8 positions. This also helps in turning the dough for proper mixing and kneading.

The outer of the machine.

The bread machine used at home usually made of plastic while for the commercial purpose it is made of stainless steel. The machine has some manual buttons for adjustment of temperature and crust color while the advanced forms have digital control panels and timer to adjust the calibration easily.

Baking trays.

Mostly baking oven and commercial deck ovens have trays to put the dough mixture to make bread and other bread type materials. These trays are usually made of silicone that is a non-stick in nature and convenient to use. The bread when fully prepared easily separated from the tray. These are temperature resistant and can bear the heat at 400 to 450 degrees centigrade. To prevent any hazard plastic and rubber trays with silicone coating is used for baking purpose.

Stoneware bread pan.

Stone has the ability of uniform distribution of the heat but it has the disadvantage that the dough sticks to the pan which can cause damage t the loaf while pulling it out to overcome this problem the cornmeal powder or dough is speed on the pan to create the smooth surface for easy removal of the prepared bread.

Bread dough mixing machine

It contains stainless steel mixing pan which enables the proper mixing to produce proper dough. The axle rotates at such speed that the dough produce can make the tasty bread. The bowl present in such mixtures has two rotatory directions.

Dough sheeters

Various industries use dough sheeters for the formation of the proper shape of the dough. Best bread machines these are so made to make flat, square or long shape dough according to the requirement of the bread shape.

All the equipment when used is washed or cleaned before processing to ensure the hygienic bread production. Usually, these are easily removable and are washed with the detergent to make it germs free. Some other small equipment is also used in making bread like a spatula that helps in mixing as well as easy removing or shifting of the dough to the tray.

Brushes are used to grease the tray surface to prevent the material from sticking to the tray. Various molding trays and pans are available that give a different shape to the bread like round, square, rectangle and various customized forms are also present in cartoon shapes, heart and diamond shape.

A lot of other baking equipment are also present to give the bread more taste and quality. All are well designed  maintained and used after proper washing to ensure the quality of the product.

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