Four Ways To Clean Chimneys


A structure that is usually ventricle that provides ventilation for smoke and hot flue gases. The flue is the space inside the chimneys so it is very important to clean the chimney on a regular basis by Chimney Sweep Seattle, to prevent any negative consequence.

Some of the factors are given below which indicates that a chimney is in need of a cleaning:

  • Burned wood smell when it is not being used.
  • A fire that seems to be burned poorly.
  • Smoke in the room.
  • If the quantity of creosote is 1/8 inch thick, then it’s time for a cleaning.
  • If there are birds, squirrels nest.


There are many methods which can be used to clean a chimney; some of them are given below:


First of all, go to a hardware shop, or chimney sweep Seattle and buy all the things required:

  • A chimney brush
  • A broom
  • Dustpan
  • Dust mask
  • Goggles
  • Chimney brush extension pipes
  • Plastic tarp


After buying all these things, dress and especially cover your hair, hand, mouth and eyes by using bandanna dust mask and goggles to avoid any injury. After this locate the damper handle inside a chimney and separate it from the chimney and clean it. After cleaning the chimney reattach the damper handle.


First of all, make sure that your roof is safe to stand on then use a ladder to climb and take the bag and fill it with all the equipment require in cleansing to avoid the disturbance of climbing again and again. After doing this take a brush and attached it to a weighted rope. Lower the brush down into the chimney while holding the other end of the rope. Make it move up and down. Clean the bottom of the chimney with a small brush.


If your roof is not strong enough then there is another method available to clean the chimney. In this method first take a brush and a pipe. Attach the pipe to the brush. After doing so put the brush in the chimney. By using up and down motion clean the chimney. Use another pipe to clean the chimney from the top. Continue this until all the dirt is removed. By using a small spade shovel it into a dustpan at the bottom of the pipe.


In this method take pulley rope system. Two ropes are attached to the chimney brush one at the bottom and other at the bottom. This method requires two people. One person should hold the one side of the rope on the roof and another person at the bottom with the brush in the middle. After the completion of the task remove the pulley system.

You can hire professionals like Chimney sweep Seattle for chimney cleaning and masonry repair. Chimney sweep Seattle can also help in inspection after you have cleaned it.



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