How to clean chimney flue Part 2


The flue is the space inside the chimneys that helps to direct the smoke out. It is not only important to have chimneys but also to clean these regularly. This will increase the efficiency of your chimney.

There are some factors which show that why a chimney should be cleaned.

  • When your fireplace starts to stink it is an important indication that a chimney needs to be cleaned. This smell is due to the accumulation of creosote deposit. When humidity is high, and the air conditioner is turned on this smell become worse.
  • The problem which most of the people face is the pressure problem. This is due to the air which is drawn downwards and results in pressure problem. When this happen, a chimney needs to be repaired.
  • When the quantity of creosote exceeds the limit, it not only causes the poor fire but also produces smoke which pollutes the atmosphere. The smoke which it emits contains a large amount of carbon monoxide. It can cause suffocation. Therefore a person should be careful and should clean it once a year.
  • With the excessive use of chimney, a large amount of residue mostly in the form of creosote accumulate and start hindering the working of a chimney and needs to be checked by calling chimney sweep Seattle.
  • During the season when it is not being used the animal like squirrels and especially birds make their nest and then it is unsafe to use a chimney.

To clean a chimney, first of all, go to a hardware shop and buy all the thing require for the cleaning of a chimney like a chimney brush, goggles, broom dustpan, etc.

For the cleaning of a chimney, you should cover your mouth and eyes to prevent any injury. After making all the adjustment the first thing is to locate the damper handle inside a chimney.  Separate it from the chimney so that it won’t make any disturbance in further cleansing.  After cleaning the chimney reattach the damper handle and get it inspected by chimney sweep Seattle.

You can also use a ladder to climb the roof then take a brush and attached it to a rope. Lower the brush down into the chimney while holding the other end of the rope. Make it move up and down. Clean the bottom of the chimney with a small brush.

If your roof is not strong enough, then the cleansing should be started from the bottom. Take a brush and a long pipe according to the length of the flue. By using up and down motion clean the chimney. By using small spade shovel the entire residue into a dustpan from the bottom of the chimney.

Pulley rope system can also be used for the cleaning of a chimney.

The easiest method is to hire chimney sweep Seattle who can provide best chimney cleaning services as well as masonry repair. However, it will cost more to get it done by chimney sweep Seattle.

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