How to create a website: Things to Avoid


How to create a website: Things to Avoid


You have decided to create a website: Congratulations. With the help of free hosting services, the development of a basic website structure has been made much easier than before. People can easily learn how to create a website from scratch by simply watching a tutorial on YouTube, without giving any time learning the complex coding language.
But while WordPress and other website builders give you a head start with the basic structure, the strategy development remains a part of your creative thinking. In this article, we will guide you about the things to avoid when you are in the process of how to create a website step by step.
1. Annoying Navigation
How would visitors land on your page? Where are they going to find the information? Website developers need to put a lot of effort designing the landing page of their site. Organizing the navigation page is the key to retaining your visitors. Do you want your users to get to the information they are looking for within a few clicks? Then pay heed to header and footer as well as the navigation bar of each page.
2. Cluttered Homepage
A cluttered homepage is a turn-off. A killer impression is what you need when your visitors land on your page. The design of your homepage needs to be impressive enough to withhold the interest of your visitors. If you have a jam packed homepage where everything is coming on their faces, your visitors are most likely to run away. This is the most important advice given to those who come to understand how to create a website. Avoid a lot of text, use simplistic images, and have a sliding gallery.
3. No Mobile Optimization
Anyone with a website that is not fully mobile friendly has got it all wrong. There is not a single visitor of yours who is not going to come to you through mobile. If you are picking free templates when creating a website from scratch, keep in mind the element of responsiveness concerning both desktop and smart devices. Think of how your website design integrates into the small screen of your mobile visitor. Simplify things for both types of visitors. If you are looking for more tips and tricks, visit

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