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Use Of Nameplates

Use Of Nameplates

Door signage stainless

The nameplate of brass and the stainless material is suitable for office, hotel, hospital, restaurant, shop, school and other rooms. Installation is very easy can be directly taped to the media door or wall, can with glue or use bolts. Can also use double-sided tape.

Differences name tags room made of brass and stainless is if using a brass hence dominant color background of golden yellow, while the stainless dominant color of metal gray.

Sliding door sign/office signage

Door name is a room nameplate that can be replaced easily by way of sliding on a holder.

Can be used for the name of office space, the name of doctor room and a name of the board of directors such as:

  • Name of the meeting room
  • name tags customer service
  • Boardroom name
  • Board name board
  • Doctor’s signboard
  • nameplates for directors
  • nameplates for vice president
  • Chief division header
  • Chief part nameplate
  • The Manager room name board
  • Office nameplates cashier
  • Kitchen nameplate
  • Board name of doctor’s office
  • Midwife practice board
  • Pharmacy room nameplate
  • Signboard of warehouse space
  • Factory name board
  • Consultation board name
  • Nursery name board
  • Lab nameplate
  • And other room names

General specifications:

  • The rails are made of aluminum with several sizes and colors
  • name plate is made of stainless and brass

Space names can be replaced easily if there is a change of function room, directors mutation, change of position, the change of name of directors and others. How to replace it is also very easy that is by sliding the nameplate to the left or right. Remove and enter the new plate name. Holder or badge need not be removed. In addition, the type and color of the letters can be selected and can be added to the logo.Can also add the status of the room. Suppose is being used or used. How to change the status of the room by moving to the left or right and then reversed.

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