When to clean chimney flue Part 1


Having chimneys in your house is a blessing that helps your hot smoke and gases move to the outside environment. Like all the other appliances, chimneys also require frequent cleaning. You can clean a chimney on your own, and you can also get it cleaned by hiring professionals like chimney sweep Seattle to get the work done for you.

Why clean Chimney Flue:

There are several reasons and advantages of cleaning your chimney flue and it important cannot be denied. Flue deposits inside the chimney as a result of smoke that passes through it out of your home or any other building. Cleaning of this flue is essential for many reasons:

  •    It prevents the building up of flammable creosote hence makes the chimney safe. It the creosote deposits becomes thick enough to catch fire, the harmful gases are produced continuously like carbon monoxide that can spread in your home and can be a silent killer. The safety of the chimney completely depends on the way you clean it and how frequently you do so. When this integral air duct of your home is clogged, the results can be deadly.
  •    If your chimney is clean, it will work in a more efficient way. However, if the chimney is dirty, it will have impaired the ability to filter the smoke and other gases out of the house.
  •    When you get a chimney sweep, you can assure that your fireplace will be safe to use and there are no negative consequences like the collection of poisonous gases.
  •    Another advantage of routine chimney cleaning is that your professional chimney sweep Seattle may find a problem with the chimney before it brings trouble. This buys you time to fix it without worrying about the negative consequences.
  •    Dirty chimneys work inefficiently and do not filter smoke efficiently. This can be very dangerous. So get your chimney cleaned and inspected by professionals so that they can check your chimney on a regular basis to ensure it is working effectively and efficiently.


It is an important question to know that when and how often you should clean your chimney by taking the help of chimney sweep Seattle. According to the researches done, the timing of cleaning can range from once every two weeks to once a year. However, the cleaning of your chimneys depends on upon many factors.

How often you clean the chimney depends on the frequency of your using your stove in the house. Also the type of wood you burn in your fireplace is important besides your frequency of using it and the way to operate it. As most of the fireplaces are used only in winters and are not used regularly makes it one of the important factors in the cleaning of the chimney. The frequency can be increased depending on its usage.

However, if you are using the fireplace in your home as a primary source of heat, you need to reschedule your appointment with your chimney sweep Seattle on frequent days.




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